We strongly encourage you to use our online reservation system as it will ensure your place on this hill.

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Best Story Ever

                  Best Story Ever @ Maple Ridge Center

        6:30 to 8:00 pm     Jude Crew 3Maple Ridge Center and the Jude Crew Puppets     present the nativity story through the eyes of the manger animals. Reserve your tickets for this          family friendly event on the following dates:           December 9 & 10 and December 16 & 17. 

* Note:  Due to unforseen circumstances, December 2 & 3 dates have been cancelled..

Tickets:  Children U-10 = $5, Adults = $10,                        Immediate Family Maximum = $30.

Click Here for BSE Ticket Purchase

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Stay tuned for special events

Too Much Fun in one Place!  MRC Tubing Hill!Winter Camp 2014 5 640x459

 Get ready for the MRC Tubing experience!           The snow is coming!                                                             We will let you know when the hill is open.         You and your friends and family will need to sign up for a 2 hour time frame when our site is open and ready to go.                                                                                                          Oh what FUN!!!


Also a great Holiday Gift Idea!  Call us at 315-376-4963

night tubing at Maple Ridge Center in Lowville NY


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Harvest of the Arts- 2024

Untitled                                   Maple Ridge Center has been proud to host                         the Lewis County Harvest of the Arts Festival                                     in years past during the Fall season.                      Plans are underway for a return in 2024! 

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Join Us at Maple Ridge Center

IMG 8568

For almost 20 years the Maple Ridge Center in Lowville has provided a place for our community to meet, fellowship, play and celebrate.  Graduation parties in the spring, weddings in the summer, festivals in the fall, tubing in the winter or people simply enjoying our campus grounds, we have loved being here for our community.  Thank you!  Here's to 20 more years of making Lewis County a great place to live, work and play.

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MCC Meat Canner April 15-16, 2024


For more information click HERE to visit the Lewis County Meat Canner Project website.

To donate to the Lewis County Meat Canner Project click HERE.


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